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Blow off valve help

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Post Sat Aug 26, 2017 8:14 pm
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hi, just wondering if a anyone has any ideas to the cause of my problem. i fitted a forge blow off valve 2weeks ago and everything was great. a week later while driving i noticed the typical blow off valve sound was very quiet, popped the bonnet up and noticed a hose going to the dump valve had split. being an hours drive away from home i thought nothing of it and took the car home, half way home the message "engine fault repair needed" popped up along with the amber service icon. i let the car cool down then swapped the split hose. typical blow off valve sound come back and sounds great but im still getting the "engine fault repair needed" message pop up with the amber service light also. my normal diagnostic machine shows me no faults, so i plugged in my planet peugeot and i get fault code P0039 (compressor discharge solenoid valve stuck closed) me thinking the forge solenoid had packed up i messaged forge and they sent me not 1 for 2 out to try. now today i replaced all the hoses, swapped the forge wire loom and also the solenoid and no joy. i plugged in my planet peugeot again and now im getting 2 fault codes P0039 (compressor discharge solenoid valve stuck closed) is still there and also now P2263 (Turbo charging air circuit to high). car sound fine, runs fine, and dump valve sounds lovley, but still getting the error message on the screen along with car running rich (smokey exhaust).

does anyone know anything i can try to rule out before i drop into peugeot monday after work ?

im 100% sure all my houses going to the dump valve, solenoid and vacuum line is all correct and ive checked, checked and checked again.

any help will be appreciated thanks :)
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Post Sun Aug 27, 2017 9:36 am
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Did you clear the faults?

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