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Post Wed Sep 19, 2018 11:46 pm
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I'm back.
We have just spent a couple of weeks down south at our holiday home eating and drinking too much so back now to the finca world.
But not for long because sister-in-law is meeting us down south next month for a week.

Well trimmed bushes are appreciated on this forum.
Those of you who have read/suffered my rambling diatribes (WAFFLES) will know we are into things here that grow.
However horticulture we can't claim to be good at.
We do agriculture with a small "a" or at least delegate to a doer.
Our chap is somewhat influential in that if it doesn't reach the table or pocket then it gets ignored, hoping its demise will cause no further inconvenience.

Several large pots near the house have vigorous aloe vera plants that have survived, even successfully producing offspring.
Fun trick of mine is to slice off tip of succulent leaves and rub oozing gel on the observer's hands to be rubbed in.
Just hands, you understand, or I'd get locked up.
Amazing stuff though, but neither profitable nor consumable nor bush nor shrub.
A tall palm nearby is just decorative and is unashamedly what it is.
Daren't say what we paid for it, although village gossip will have broadcast it.
Wife has an assortment of culinary additives growing in pots, but buying most in jars or packets seems easier and more reliable.

What we are bereft of are bushes or a shrubbery neither of which justify their existence.
I tried to pretty up the supporting bank of the car park with half a dozen oleanders but failed miserably as they died off one by one.
I'll bet jefe thought "told you so buying useless frippery".

Same sister-in-law as above is a member of royal horticultural society and has a beautiful English cottage garden full of gorgeous blooms and shrubs.
She casts her eyes over our hectare in disbelief because there is not a non-productive flower bed nor shrubbery to be seen.
What she will make of the house down south I have no idea but there's not a scrap of exposed soil and zero plant life.
There are plenty of shrubs bushes and palms along the prom for her to admire but nothing she could take a sneaky cutting of that might thrive in the southern home counties in the UK.

Plenty of whacking though this time of year.
Our helpers are in mid fig harvest and I have just completed the almonds for the year.
Both entailed swinging a long pole at branches to dislodge fruit.

Nearer Christmas a serious assault takes place with the olive trees being shaken and whacked mercilessly.
Up to a ton and a half of reputable produce will go to the press for converting into valuable oil.

With some embarrassment, I have to admit, that due to the purchase of some furniture items for southern home, the RCZ was not used for this visit.
I tried to squeeze them in to the boot, but the 5008 just sat there smugly laughing and said "I'll swallow them no probs", which it did.
So armchair journey, but frustratingly almost empty bus on return which would have been brill', with La Gata Negra.
Next time, sister-in-law to be collected and returned to airport, and being of an age not foldable into rear RCZ seats, it will be the 5008 that wins the bid again.
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