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Post Wed Jun 06, 2018 4:28 pm
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New palm for old!
The old palm, which wasn't really a palm anyway but related to the Yucca, rotted away from the inside.
This was not apparent, but the fresh leaves became fewer, and on examining the trunk, I could feel it was soft and hollow-ish.
Trying to move it, the trunk came away from the foot, so that was that - dead palm.
It was a Beaucarnea recurvata; in English, a Ponytail Palm and in Spanish, pata de elefante (elephant's foot), and not strictly a member of the palm family.
So, what to do, having for many years referred to the area as the Palm Patio, there needed to be some continuity.
Popped into the local garden centre, where we get most stuff for the finca, and to the side of their car park was a huge selection of "real" palms from about two metres to five in height.
Chose a modest one (2.3mtrs), not just for price (100 euros per metre) but a big'n would look silly.
This one is a young'n, about twenty years old, but will not grow much whilst constrained in the tub it came in.
I believe it is a variety of date palm, (Phoenix dactylifera), of the family Arecaceae, but would only bear fruit if it was the right gender and close to one of the other sort; maybe ours is "trans", who knows these days.
Delivered and now in situ.
Got to work out a neat arrangement to disguise the pot; maybe stones in a net or rock wall; don't know!
Will see what our chap goes along with as he'll be doing it.
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