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Post Sat Jun 02, 2018 7:17 pm
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Sticking my neck out, but insisting a fence-sitter's stance, I WAFFLE about the change in our leadership.
To understand the present political turmoil here in Spain, you need to be aware of the ethos behind corruption.
For as long as I have been visiting, then living in, Spain, it never ceases to amaze me, when I become aware of corruption, of the cheek and audacity.
From the black economy, where bills may be paid part or wholly in cash unrecorded, to back handers for huge projects, naughty payments are endemic.
I use the word "naughty" because it seems to fit the attitude perfectly.
If questioned about a payment in black money, the shrug and "that's how it is" response means that we (smack) go along with it, and it saves us and the payee a good percentage.
We know it's wrong, they know it's wrong, and everyone knows it is going on.
The thing is, that when the amounts are large, and especially when the dosh changing hands comes out of public money, then it gets exposure and further investigation.
And, the adage - The bigger they are, the harder they fall - is apposite.
At the very highest level of society the covering up and teflon syndrome exists to let them get away with it, until ....
That "until" is a curious boundary that those up to their necks in dodgy dealings, have in recent times, misjudged badly, and then they get their collars felt.
Or in the case of "unproven", "indirect", involvement, out you go!
Mud sticks and the stench in all the political parties and civil service is nauseous.
In recent years the autonomous communities of Andalucia and Valencia, together with Madrid itself, have had some very high profile cases with big-wigs getting banged up, mainly for taking eye-watering bribes for placing contracts for public works.
Many, who have not been caught holding the smoking gun, have still had the stench of cordite on themselves.
So, in a nutshell, the recent vote of no confidence in the "lower house" ousted the PM, Rajoy, who always insisted "not me guv", when all around him where up to their necks in deep doodah.
Only one party, Ciudadanos, a centre right mob like Rajoy's PP did not do an "et tu brute", which was not enough to save him.
We now have a minority government which will try to make some changes towards left of centre, until an election buggers it all up again, no doubt.
Whatever, Brussels rules Spain, so "plus ca change c'est la meme chose". :eusa-shhh:
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