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Post Sun May 27, 2018 10:43 am
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Coming back into our finca along the track that crosses it, late yesterday evening in the dark, after attending a nearby shindig, I thought I was seeing things; well we'd had a few so to speak!
What looked like a large smooth stone, about six inches in diameter, was alive and shuffled a bit as we came close.
It transpired that it was my first observation on our land of bufo bufo.
Now, we have loads and loads of rana rana and they are most vociferous in the charcos in spring time.
What am I WAFFLING on about?
Well it has a vaguely and tenuous connection with motoring so I bashed the keys to bore you.
To start with it is easy to dismiss rana rana (the frog) and identify bufo bufo (the toad).
Although I had to persuade 'er-ladyship, that it was not a fat frog, nor was it harmful.
As I said, our resident frogs are most of the time in and around charcos, which are small farm reservoirs, of which we have two, one each end of our land, but not part of it.
The frogs' chorus is loud and distinctive.
But until last night, I was not aware, nor had I spotted, a toad which are much bigger, slower, and round and plumper than frogs.
Checking back this morning, I suspect, from its proximity to some of our stone walls, that it might well reside in one, or more, of the largish gaps between rocks.
The motoring connection?
Well some of you must have read Wind In The Willows, where Toad of Toad Hall is a total lunatic and a geriatric boy racer extraordinaire!
Sounds familiar, eh?
It's a little satisfying to think we are still making discoveries after over ten years of owning the finca.
And it ups our reptile count:
Snakes - Grass, Ladder, Chain (Horseshoe Whip), and Montpelier; Wall Lizard and Gecko; Common Frog; and now, the Common Toad.
Eclectic bunch of critters.
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