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Post Sat May 05, 2018 9:57 pm
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When our daughter was eighteen, she emigrated to Spain, long before we caught the bug; although we might be able to blame her.
In a twist of her career, which would take a few thousand words to elaborate on, she was lured to a Balearic Island (Mallorca) to be a star.
There, she was quickly accepted by the Gitano community (Spanish Gypsies), which you might find difficult to believe, was indeed an honour rarely achieved by a foreigner.
We were constantly in touch, mainly by phone, letters and the occasional visit, when we ourselves were welcomed almost like royalty, being her parents.
However, daughter and I did have a few words, during an admission on her part, to not acknowledging her dad's road safety standards.
Whist being a nutcase, rallying and racing, during the sixties, I had, as described in one of my earlier waffles, proved to my father that I took road safety seriously, by taking and passing the Institute of Advanced Motorists exam.
So, what had daughter done?
Well, it transpired that a group of "kids", many old enough to know better, had decided to hold a "juega" out in the country.
A juega is a sort of impromptu music and dance event where a number of performers decide on the spur of the moment to do their thing just for their own amusement.
So grabbing guitars, a box and castanets, off they went, on an assortment of motorcycles.
Yes, this is where it gets naughty; in addition to all the stuff they were carrying, none had helmets, as seemed to be the accepted macho Gitano way.
Moreover, the morality and principals of these folk revered the modesty of the young ladies; yes, honest.
So daughter, clutching goods in one hand and other arm round the waist of a chap, neither with helmets, roared off down the road on a high powered bike; BUT - SIDE SADDLE.
They consider it unseemly for a young girl to sit astride a bike, so sit with both legs on one side.
She was under no illusion that I was pleased with this way of travelling on all counts!
Is it any wonder fathers tear their hair out when their girls go off to another and crazier world?
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