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Post Sun Dec 24, 2017 5:13 pm
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Santa will be flying over tonight.

Early 1970, I was working in Mayfair in the West End of London.
Out on the street, I, along with hundreds of others aware of the sky above, would stop, stare, and marvel at the behemoth, seeming to float and hover above us.
It was the largest and most modern airliner, the Boeing "Jumbo" 747.
Perhaps you, like myself, are reading that the very last American based flights of this aircraft are now taking place, forty seven years later.
Another iconic technological milestone crumbles as what was once state-of-the-art is confined to the past.

I am not the oldest living person, honest, but I recall that about that time I chatted to a family member born in the nineteenth century who remembered a time before manned flight.
Cannot remember his response to man first setting foot on the moon, but I bet it was with a shake of the head, and a deep rich Welsh "Duw, Duw!".

My car at the time was a Morris Minor Traveller, which also was tow car for the Clubmans Formula Lotus on a purpose built trailer.
They don't seem to make anything with a bit of carpentry involved these days.

Coincidentally, a weekend racing at Snetterton coincided with the first visit of a Lockheed C5 Galaxy to a nearby American airbase.
The hotel we stayed at in Thetford was full of press covering its impressive
It was huuuuuge!

Don't forget the mince pie and a wee dram for the old chap tonight, and a carrot for Rudolph! ;)
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