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Post Sun Nov 19, 2017 10:38 pm
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Not RCZ, nor motoring, but is transport related so apolgies for being so off-topic! :oops:
Yesterday, our neighbours, together with a few thousand other peeps from Extremadura (the province West of Madrid, against the border with Portugal) went to Madrid to stage a "manifestacion", which means a noisy protest. :dance:
They were not happy that the area had been pushed down in the priorities for a decent rail link.
Oh, and because of the crap rail service they had to hire a huge number of coaches to get there (irony!).
Despite huge expenditure on Ave (high speed rail links) to most parts N, S, E, SE, we still only have a single track going W/SW from Madrid.
So the journey time is twice or more, per km, than that on other routes, mainly because the trains can only pass each other at stations with more than one platform.
If wife wishes, as she has on occasions, to go and visit an art exhibition or similar, and leave me, the philistine, behind, she orders her ticket on-line, which is all very swish,
I then take her to the main line (har, har) station about thirty kms South of us.
The train then trundles all round the world on a single track, and eventually chugs into the main Madrid terminus at Atocha, alongside the streamlined rolling stock from other regions.
So, there you can see, that despite me making you envious with our wonderful roads, we are a few decades behind, in our particular area, when it comes to railways. :thumbdown:
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