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Anecdote: Spanish Motorway cruising

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Post Sun Jul 30, 2017 10:57 pm
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Our journeys (other than shopping and tootling) invariably take in Autovias (Motorways) and Autopistas (Toll motorways), so our average speeds are quite high.
We avoid, if poss, doing the same trips as the masses when they are heading out of the cities at the start of fiestas (usually long holiday weekends) or returning.
Therefore 100kph or more is easily achieved on our 250kms trips to Madrid, for example.

However what I am about to relate was a bit spesh and a once off, I believe.
About ten years ago we had been to visit friends in Almeria where they have a beach apartment.
The good old faithful Mondeo Estate was our do everything motor then and had not too long previously been the relocation vehicle moving us, some belongings and two cats from Essex to Extremadura (wild West Spain where we live), so was no stranger to legging it a bit.

So, four up and with a bit of holiday luggage we set off on our return from the sea-side in Almeria.
The women busied themselves nattering.
My mate says, "Are you up for a unique bit of motoring?".
Now he knows a bit about getting round Spain because of his job (not retired like us), so I said I'll give it a go.
Well, a new, as yet, not commissioned Autopista, was being test used if you acknowledged on joining it, that there were no services or assistance, but no toll charges also.
We slipped onto this empty strip of concrete near Abacete and aimed at Toledo.
"You do realise there are no cops, don't you? said my mate with a grin.
The ladies were deep in gossip in the back.
In moments the old wagon was touching 160kph (100mph in your money).
So, no big deal, you say.
BUT we sat at 160kph for well over an hour!
I recall only passing a handful of other pioneers during that time, and they were not taking as much of an advantage as us.
The drop back to 120 kph (plus a bit) for the rest of the journey was a bit boring and even the ladies remarked that we had slowed down (we chuckled!).
I remember relating this experience to my son (Yorkshire based) and his envious expletive riddled response!
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Post Tue May 01, 2018 11:29 am
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Well you did right there sir, I think I would have done the same.
I recall a long time ago before the advent of speed cameras - I floored it back from the ferry in Wales to our homeland, and with another car to take the pace, it is surprising how much ground you cover. Of course it's all maths I know, but when you equate 100mph for 1 hour and you do the near 100 miles, as apposed to being stuck on the A1 or M1 and been down to averaging 50 miles in an hour - it does make a huge difference.
I have even recently done some very fast runs to the docks in Dover, call it lucky, but late at night with good weather and a decent sat-nav with speed alerts, and you still can cover a lot of miles quickly.
roll on the Italian trip where once again, i can hit the autobahn and get some serious miles done !

Cheers M. :beer:
:lol: Laugh and the whole world laughs with you.... or is that at you? :eusa-think:

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