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Post Sat Feb 09, 2019 2:40 pm
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In my yoof, I guess from about fifteen years of age, I would travel over much of the UK, by train, bus and hitching, to "proper" race meetings.
But for light entertainment, I would attend "stock car" racing events around the East End of London, my stamping grounds.
The oval circuits were within the dog tracks, so viewing very civilised and other facilities such as parking and refreshments made it a good night out.
Each race was spiced up by the grid (if you call a rolling start such) being in reverse order of the drivers' standing in some championship.
The car/driver numbers were on a plate standing up on the car roof and coloured according to similar points accumulation.
At the end of the "formation" lap all hell broke loose with no holds barred as the fast ones at the back charged through to eventually take their rightful places.
Collisions were guaranteed, and it was usually quite good natured, with a dodgem car mentality.
Us purists were a bit sniffy about it all and reluctantly ever admitting we went, and certainly did not enjoy it; not 'arf!
It was a different world from proper rallying and racing, in which I was involved.
What stirred up my nostalgic neurons, was that I stumbled upon the first video below of what I can only consider the American series that looks a similar concept, albeit faster and scarier than what I watched in London about sixty years ago.

The UK still, so it would seem, indulges in variants of what I watched.

And here is the ultimate in motor sport; please watch; it gets going after a couple of minutes.
LGN has a tow bar, so if I really get bored with the tameness of Spanish motoring, I could give it a go; p'raps not, eh?

If you can take more, then here white van man lets off steam.

Safe and calm motoring to you all.
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