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Post Wed Jan 09, 2019 4:19 pm
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We are in an area where the micro-climate is mostly sub-tropical, being protected by a mountain range immediately to the north.
The crops that are grown successfully and commercially are peppers for pimenton (paprika) and tobacco and figs.
Close by is also a renowned source of cherries.
Needless to say on the fincas there are an assortment of different fruit trees to supply friends and family.
We, like most have a few orange, lemon, peach (and derivatives), pear, and some nut trees, and a quince.
What is a little crazy is that most of the fruit trees have a cycle of productivity, so that some years are lean whilst others abundant; and everyone seems to be in synch.
During the winter months citrus fruits ripen and we have a mini-glut of oranges and lemons at the moment.
Our one Seville orange tree has come up trumps so er-in-the-kitchen blew the dust off her marmalade recipe and has had the cauldron bubbling, so we have a few jars of scrummy real homemade traditional marmalade.
The lemons on our three Luna variety trees are plentiful and mostly yellow now if a bit on the small size.
The oranges are also ripening and a couple of our trees with much fruit.
They can be a bit sharp, so best juiced with added sugar.
Our pear and plum trees fruited months ago, so have just given them a severe haircut.
Our forty-odd fig trees are shooting already and will need the chop soon along with over sixty olives, all of which our chap will do and burn all cuttings together.
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