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Post Fri Aug 10, 2018 1:39 pm
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Zero gone; RCZ needs accommodation; WAFFLE on providing it:

Whilst we have plenty of land, including a sizable car park, albeit on a twisting slope, we don't have under cover storage for all our vehicles.
Many years ago, the agricultural shed was re-roofed and a wide double door put in one end for the ATV (quad) to have a place to hide, it not being needed for all but about a month before each Christmas for the olive harvest.
In time for the arrival of the Zero, late 2010, a shelter was built for it and my simple specification was that the dimensions were just sufficient for the car.
This was OK because the crazy motor had no doors, no roof; just a tonneau cover and a rollover bar, through which I passed a chain over a roof member and fixed with a padlock.
I could step out of, or into, the car with a slim gap down the side for access.

Now along comes the RCZ, so something has to be done to, keep it out of sight, protect it from detritus like bird shit, and deter the opportunist crook.
You would think, with a hectare, a couple of acres, I could find a suitable spot for a garage to be thrown up, eh?
Trouble is, access; most terraces (designed by the Romans), and we have eight at the North end and a couple at the South, have about a two metre height difference and not very nice slopes between.
Hence, for the olive harvest, as many as forty forty-kilo sacks, the ATV is needed to shift the lot to the main gate for collection, and transport of some sort to the press.

The answer for the RCZ, unfortunately, had to be adapting, or replacing, the Zero shelter at the bottom of the car park slope.
Whilst there appears to be no urgency, La Gata Negra is sitting exposed, in all her glory, close to the house but not under cover.

I have given our favoured builder a specification comprising the internal dimensions required, for him to run with and create a refuge.
As with most garages, unlike that for the Zero, additional width is needed for the driver to open that door and exit the vehicle, so the width is much more than the existing structure.
For security, I envisage a door or even a lockable bar or similar across the shelter entrance to make it difficult to just spirit the RCZ away.
A door would be more difficult to design and construct and use, because immediately outside the doorway is a slope which is also far from level in cross section.
We have left it up to him to achieve a solution.

Incidentally, I notice, from the many proud photo's on here, that many beauties live on the street, or driveway, and are fully exposed.
Empirical evidence here in Spain, indicates that most damage, mostly superficial I add, is when the vehicle is left in a public place, i.e. in the roadway, a designated parking place or even in a public car park.
Dents and scrapes appear to be am unpleasant bonus for using a car here on the public highway and leaving it unattended for even a short period.
I speak with experience as both the 5008 and 108 have scars obtained when we were not present.
Nothing much can be done about that, but at home, I like to feel enough deterrent has been applied.
The house, like most in Spain is made reasonably secure by the addition of modest fortifications; these are in the form of rejas (bars) over windows and doors; and the car park only accessible through an electrically operated heavy steel gate.

I will report on progress as and when some made.
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