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3 x Nexen N Fera SU1 235/40 R19 Tyres [Nearly New]

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Bought myself some Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres for my RCZ R to replace these Nexens that the dealership put on, so I'm gonna move them on.

My plan is to keep 1 for myself as a spare in the car, just in case I ever need it, so there's 3 on offer.

Anybody else fancy having one as a spare?
They're not exactly 'high end' tyres, hence why they're being replaced, but could be very handy having one in the boot just in case you ever should need it.

(Stating the obvious a bit, but these are only suitable for cars with 19" alloys. The load rating is 96, so suitable for all RCZ models, not just the RCZ R.)

They've only been on a few weeks (well, 3 weeks tomorrow) and the car has basically only been used to get to work and back in that time.
Not taken it out for any long runs or weekend drives cos I've been busy soaking the sun up :thumbup:

Dealership valued them at £120.00 per tyre on the invoice, which is a bit more than you can pick them up online (think they're about £90.00-£95.00 online).

Anyone want one at £70.00 delivered?
Can send them out on a 24 hour tracked service for you.
(Or, if you're local to Wigan, feel free to collect instead and I'll knock the courier fee off the price.)

They're only being replaced next week, so will have them all cleaned up before sending them on.

Just drop me a PM if you're interested.

Former owner of a black 64 plate Peugeot RCZ R, and a charcoal metallic 12 plate RCZ 200GT.

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