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Looking for Black RCZ Magnetic / Red Carbon Diesel

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Jemzi Newbie

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Hi all,

Looking to buy a Black Colour RCZ Magnetic or Red Carbon (Diesel) if anyone is selling or knows of any going. Unfortunately my Magnetic was recently written off so looking for a replacement, can't imagine driving anything else!

West Midlands based so preferably not a million miles away but willing to travel for the perfect car. If anyone is looking to sell or has links to any that's much appreciated!

Thanks in advance :)


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Hi Jemzi !

Good luck with your search, I used Autotrader and scanned the adds on Fleabay, remember that there are a few around, have a good luck and don't let your heart rule your head!

I know that's hard with the Z but good luck anyways - remember the bad points to look for,-

Mainly cam chain ( should have been done by now on warranty ), jacking points, and make sure No warning lights on dashboard. I always check the fuel consumption figures to see how it's been driven - this is an easy one to check, look through all the screens.

Cheers and share the pics when you find one !!! :beer:
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