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Wanted: 18" rims + tyres, 19" rims up for grabs.

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OK!! I'm back (after more illness!). Although John wanted my freshly refurbed wheels and tyres he couldn't arrange transport "oop north" to Yorkshire. So, I've still got them and they are still for sale. Please be aware that these refurbed wheels are back to OEM spec and have not been fitted to a car so they are pristine. The tyres have some miles left on them and at £80 each are something of a bargain. So if you're a long way from Kent where I am you might be able to get a mate with a van to pick them up for you. Parcel Farce would want around £80 to pick them up and deliver them but there are other carriers who could possibly be cheaper (and safer) than PF or for that matter Yodel who also don't seem to be able to deliver things without damaging them either! I would prefer them to be collected by the prospective buyer so they can examine them and see that they are very much OK.
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