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Just bought RCZ :Jack and other questions

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Hi, I have finally bought the car I have been admiring for some time. 2014 RCZ 2L HDI.
I am thrilled to bits with it and plan to drive it down to Southern Brittany in a few weeks time.
I've had a number of Peugeots, but when I looked in the boot of the RCZ there is only a puncture kit contraption no Jack or anything else.
Is that standard and do i need one?
Also, is there anything I need to get checked before my trip?
I bought the car privately and am not knowledgeable about engines like some on here so apologies if that's an annoying question.
I do need two new front tyres, all advice welcome.

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You can get a jack and spare tyre, I think 407 space savers fit.

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The RCZ does not come with a spare wheel therefore you don’t get a jack neither just a tyre repair canister and an air compressor. I took my HDi to Brittany and Normandy a few years ago and had an amazing holiday!
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Hi and welcome, as previously stated what you have is the standard kit, you can buy a jack and quite a few owners have bought a second hand alloy which does just fit in the boot wheel well but stands a little proud lifting the boot liner up. What you have to be careful of is the weak jacking points loads of horror stories on here regarding Folding of the jacking points. Your better off lifting from the chassis members under the car. Regarding your trip just make sure all your fluid levels are topped up and you should be good to go. Just remember to post some photos of your trip. :beer:
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Raggety Newbie

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Thanks so much for advice.
Will look for spare alloy - and a decent Jack.
Your friendliness and patience is much appreciated!
It'll be a different journey to the previous in the 207 that's for sure!

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The best tyre choice for the front would be Michelin PS4s. It is always open to conjecture of course, with some people liking different features of different tyres, but those who have gone for the PS4s like myself seem to think they are the best choice.
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