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Michelin PS4 vs PS4s on the RCZ R - review

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Hi guys,

Let me get this off my chest upfront: I’m going to stick with the Michelin PS4s. For me there is no better allround tyre for the RCZ R on the market right now. And calling this great tyre an “allrounder” is an insult and understatement.

Back to the topic.
I had an unique chance to test the Michelin PS4 vs Michelin PS4s on my RCZ R during last few days. Here on our forum I’d like to share my impressions with you. I will try to be as precise as possible but bear with me as my English is limited. And as always, if you have questions I’d be pleased to answer them.

When you look at the tyre tread there are hardly any differences between the 4 and the 4s versions. They are like siblings. And I think this is it when it comes to similarities. Even the rubber feels different when you touch and rub your finger over the tread. And by executing this scientific test we have verified the difference in tyre compounds between both versions, haha. Just kidding. But yes, it feels different. 4s is more sticky.

First difference 4 vs 4s you spot is the whole construction of the tyre. Especially the side walls are different. Where on the 4s you get a stiff, strong and high side wall, which is not protruding very much over the rim’s edge when observed horizontally, the 4 version is just the opposite. Spot the differences on the pictures I have attached. The side wall on the 4 is much softer and gentle to the tyre’s tread contributing to the excellent ride and roll comfort of the 4. But more on that in a moment.
The second difference is the treadwear rating which is 320 on the 4s and 300 on the 4. Sounds like the 4 has a lower treadwear (which equates to lower guaranteed mileage for the tyre before used up) but as this is not a standarised rating it might be the other way round. I cannot comment on that cause I will not be using the 4 over a longer period of time.

Let me start with this, those 4 are quiet like a lonely night in the desert. Unbelievably quiet. The 4s is already a very comfy sport tyre but the 4 trumps it a bit more in the comfort section. The different side wall construction mentioned above pays dividends. The rolling resistance, already great with the 4s, feels again improved on the 4. I do a simple test on a road I know well where I accelerate to 50 MPH and then let the car roll in neutral. The road has a small down hill inclination. Then I watch the speedo. There is bit of less rolling resistance with those 4 compared to 4s.
But the difference is tiny. The 4s are already great with low rolling resistance. If I may draw a comparison then I’d say, Pirelli P Zero are like rolling on hot glue, Michelin PSS are like rolling on a stiff slick tyre but no more glue, Michelin PS4s are like rolling on a slick tyre but on feathers and the Michelin 4 is just like rolling on glas. Outstanding. I also have an eco tyre on my other car but even that Bridgestone eco tyre cannot keep up with the low rolling resistance of those 4s and 4.

Oh yes, those 4 are very comfortable. There is a significant difference when rolling over a bump, a railroad crossing, a joint (no, not that what you think, I mean the joints on bridges). The 4 is more capable of filtering those front suspension slams you get occasionally in the R. The 4s is still very, very good at this, way better than the PSS was. But the 4 wins. Lovely comfort.

Driving impressions:
There is less steering precision on the 4. You can feel the difference with R’s precise and direct steering. The 4s gives you that silly confidence in corners where you almost feel the tyre gripping the tarmac and throwing the car around the corner. The limits with the 4s on B roads are ridiculous. You can make the LSD work much earlier, way before the apex and still, they will pull you out of the corner without any doubts. No corrections to the steering angle are required.
The 4 is a bit tamed in this section. There is less precision when leaning hard on the tyre in the corners. Yet still you can drive like a nut in the R on those 4.
Braking on 4s becomes some sort of surreal experience. The way how brutally they grip and hold the grip to the tarmac while the Alcons fight the ABS stuttering is unbelievable for a road car. I have been in pro GT cars and those are another level, yes, but for a road car those Alcons + 4s = extreme braking safety. You are tempted to brake on the very last meters cause you know, they will make it.
Braking on 4 is still very very good and in a controlled way but on the R you sense those Alcons could cope with way more grip coming from the tyres.
On wet both tyre perform similarly. It must be down to the same tread they wear.

If you want a perfect tyre for your R, go for those 4s. They will give you everything you wish for on the R. Very good comfort, low rolling resistance, great (means low) wear off, quietness and great looks (they look fat and wide on the R rims). And they will never disappoint you when you take your R on a spirited drive.
If you value comfort over performance on your R, take the 4. They also won’t disappoint you. I for myself am looking forward to the new Peugeot 508 which will be equipped with the Michelin PS4 from factory. Great choice by Peugeot and now I know it will be a perfect match for the 508.

I stay with the 4s on my R.

That was a long story, I hope you enjoyed it. Cheers! :greetings-wavingblue:
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Thanks RCZ-R, just what I was looking for a review of these two tyres !!

and to have them from a R owner - even better. :thumbup:

Thus my next purchase - two new Michelin PS4s for the front of my R.

Thanks !
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A great indeph review :clap: I'm due a couple of tyres up front for my 200, I assume these are better than the contisports??
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Guppy wrote:
A great indeph review :clap: I'm due a couple of tyres up front for my 200, I assume these are better than the contisports??

Thank you guys!
Which contisports? For sure those older variants like 3. I have not tried the newest, conti 6 but in a direct comparison between the new conti 6 and the PS4s those contis lost.
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I put the PS4s on the front of my 200 last year. Best tyre I’ve had on the car. Grip, braking, noise, all better than anything I’ve tried, including Contis. :thumbup:
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