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laochra Regular

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Just watching the Belgian GP and I saw an ad saying that Pirelli Colour Edition tyres are now available for some (very premium) cars. They are F1 colour inspired, and I think they would amazing on the RCZ!!

You can scroll to the bottom of the page ( and register interest for the RCZ. If enough fellow RCZ owners send in a request maybe they will manufacture them in 235/40/19's :dance:

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Senior Member

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They look great! I guess we will have to stick to hand painting the logos on the tyres like back in the day for now!

DRTDVL Senior Member
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There are companies out there that do this as a service.

A bunch of my friends have their lettering done and whitewalls...

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I've seen these advertised somewhere else and I'm sure there going to be for general sale In most sizes if I'm wrong I'm sure someone will correct me. :thumbup:
Launch edition Pearl White Carbon roof & Wing Mirror covers / mat black Graphics

marinipersonal Senior Member
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Just check the prices for them, way too expensive. Remember when clicking on some advert from Pirelli, and just as estimate for a 19", over 1.8k (4 tyres).
Sure it's something that look premium, but 4 fantastic tyres for the Z would cost about 700-800 (4 tyres).

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