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The car has been in the garage for over 5 weeks...

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Hi All.

Original symptom was a faulty fuel pump which was apparently fixed under my Peugeot Platinum extended warranty.
I say apparently fixed as I haven't received the car back yet since it was originally dropped off (over 5 weeks ago). After the fuel pump was apparently fixed the car was taken for a road test and has experienced an on going issue ever since leaving both the garage and Peugeot in France scratching their heads - nothing has shown up on the diagnostic test. My question is that if ever get the car back should I be expected to pay for the diagnostic labour charge as apparently the garage has spent many hours trying various things to sort the issue out. The car is at a reputable Peugeot dealer but shouldn't they at least know what to look for after all it's just an engine!!!

All comments welcome.

Thank you.

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My experience (and this reflects a large number of members on here) with main dealerships is less than enthusiastic. You would, as you said, have thought that a garage that is a main dealership for a manufacturer would know these things inside out, but it wouldn’t be the first time that a fault somehow seemed to be beyond their capabilities.

As for your question about charges, no, you shouldn’t be liable to any charges, other than if the eventual cure falls outside the warranty. The Peugeot Platinum extended warranty is a pretty comprehensive thing, and covers most things other than consumables, so you should be OK there. They can’t charge you for their ineptitude, as it’s not your fault they don’t appear to have a clue what they’re doing.

I hope they stumble across the cause soon, so you can get your lovely motor back, and start enjoying it all over again. :thumbup:

Don’t forget, keep us informed what the eventual diagnosis is, as it might help someone else in the future.
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5WEEKS!!! :roll: they could have rebuilt a dozen engines in 5 weeks never mind diagnose a fault.Hope you get it sorted sooner rather than later fingers crossed :eusa-think:
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5 weeks, Christ. I hope they aren't charging you for the courtesy car!
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Just tell them that you don't mind if they just fit a new engine and since it's Christmas, there will be no charge, thanks !

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Six weeks today and still no news other than that the car has gone to another Peugeot dealership who employs a more experienced mechanic.
surreal...... :o

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From the information provided in other posts, isn't this engine type fitted in vehicles of other manufacturers and I believe the Mini is one of them?

I just wonder if asking around the other dealers to see if they have come across this problem in any of their vehicles would help.

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Peugeot dealerships are a joke!!!

Unfortunately I would imagine that your warrantee stipulates that any repairs can only be carried out by an authorised Pug dealer.

Hope you get it sorted asap :thumbup:
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Don’t think they can restrict you to main dealers, just ‘follow authorised procedures’

Having said that, it’s harder for them to say ‘no’ if it’s always been dealer maintained.
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