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How to Fix Those Noisey Mirrors and Change Mirror Caps

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After the passenger mirror started "groaning" when the car was locked/unlocked decided to try and fix it.
Read various things on the web about removing the rear cover, which invariably didn't work.
On the basis that it is a mechanical item that had been assembled in a factory decided it can't be too hard to dis- assemble it.
So in order, this is what I did:-
Unlock car
Open and close door(to stop car re locking itself)
Gently push mirror glass at edge nearest to window as far as it will go.
This will leave gap into which you can insert a blunt instrument to exert pressure on the outside edge of the
mirror glass, which will pop it of its mounting plate(yes it is only a push fit).This will leave the mirror glass dangling on its two heating element wires(I left mine to dangle, do what you want with yours!)

Now you can see 4 torx screws, which need removing. This will allow the rear part of the mirror(looking from the front of the car) to be removed. Pass the mirror through this and keep it somewhere safe.
Now you will find 3 more torx screws, again remove these which will allow the front of the mirror cover to be removed.
At this point you now have great access to the mirror cap, which is only clipped on, to enable you to change it.
This also exposes the metal body which holds the motor which folds the mirror. A liberal squirt of (choose your favourite penetrating/lubricating fluid) around the outer edge of the black keyed ring inside the housing should sort the problem depending on how bad things are to start with.

Re assemble, make sure screws are tight, clip mirror back in, lock and unlock a few times and hopefully hear only the sound of an electric motor at work.

This worked for me, but the disclaimer is" proceed with care and if you break something it's your fault not mine" and if in doubt take it to somebody who knows what they are doing!
Apologies for lack of photos but if these instructions aren't clear enough then don't try this.

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