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Sat nav updates

"How to..." section with guides and info on common tasks and modifications etc.

Post Mon Jun 01, 2015 10:57 pm
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I am afraid I know very little about the options available on the NG4. I think a Google search might reveal far more than I can.

There are probably forum members who have this system that will be able to offer advice.

Maybe a new thread asking for help with the NG4 Sat Nav ? You can use the links relating to the NG4 updates, but as I said, make sure you tread carefully. I obviously haven't used those links myself, so I can't advise on how easy they are, but I would imagine they are similar to the updates for the RT6, which although tricky in places, if done carefully work brilliantly.

I hope you get to grips with the Sat Nav, but in any case, you will enjoy your new RCZ, I can assure you. :dance:
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