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Finally got an RCZ sitting on the drive!

Introduce yourself to the forum here. What do you drive and what have you ordered?

Post Sun Oct 08, 2017 8:35 pm
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Almost bought an RCZ a while ago but needed 18 months more practicality with bigger stage 1-2 car seats. Kids are now a bit older so can fit smaller 2-3 ones in the back. So at last on Tuesday I picked up my 2011 200BHP RCZ in shark grey metallic with integral leather option - nice low mileage at a little over 40k. Absolutely love it! I still remember the first time I saw one on the road and thought "whoa, what is that... it's bloody beautiful"... now I have one sitting on the drive!

First question of probably many coming up - anyone ever retro fitted the sat nav setup? Don't mind not having one but it would look nice with that in as well :-)

Looking forward to getting to know other owners!

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Welcome, you will certainly feel special driving amongst all the mundane Euro boxes on our roads, just enjoy the ride. :text-welcomewave: :text-worthless:

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I have a 2011 200 in Shark grey too!

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Not a Peugeot anymore, after god knows how many years. I now drive a 2013 Toyota GT86, called Steven. It done gone sideways.

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:text-welcomewave: :auto-car:

Well you've finally got one - well done and welcome !

You've come to THE best site for info and the users on here are second to none with the info you get.
We are a happy bunch and enjoy a bit of banter and loads of pics of our cars too.
If your up for it we occasionally have meets where we have a natter and a drive and more nattering and a drink and bite to eat etc so watch the forum for that - not compulsory but everyone's welcome !!

Just better get an appointment booked for the doctors - for the constant grin on your face every time you drive the Z.

And to answer your post - yes I have think there is a post of someone changing the units over for the sat-nav, but these are quite expensive to get. There are two main models - the RT6 and NG4, the NG4 is a double din unit with built in memory storage for Mp3's just over 11gig, and the RT6 has better streaming via bluetooth, it also has DAB.

Cheers n Beers !!

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