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Introduce yourself to the forum here. What do you drive and what have you ordered?

Post Wed Nov 07, 2018 6:44 pm
pent up kid Newbie

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Hi RCZ fans

I'm looking to buy an RCZ 'R' in the new year hopefully. But I need to sell an Alfa Brera S Prodrive 2.2 before I go ahead with getting an 'R'
Thought I'd join the club now and get an honest opinion.
RCZs have always caught my eye but I haven't looked into the specifications before...wished I'd looked a few years back!

I will have around 14k to 15k for a low mileage one if possible....and willing to wait for the right one.
I guess this has been asked many times before but what should I look out for before buying. I see front Breaks are expensive and Spark Plugs need changing regular.
MPG looks great and performance is where I wished my Alfa could be ,sadly it's not anywhere near.

I appreciate there's just short of 300 on the UK roads and not that many about for sale..I'm watching a nice Grey one on Autotrader in Leeds but guess it'll be gone before I'm ready to buy
I've read every past review I can find and watched a lot of YouTube videos...there dosen't seem to be any reviews on a second hand 'R' not to my knowledge.
Insurance won't be a worry at my age. I had thought I'd buy a Porche Camen, until I read how great the RCZ 'R' is.
15k dosen't get much Porche Camen and very high miles to boot.

So the Quest begins In the New RCZ 'R' for 2019.

Post Wed Nov 07, 2018 7:05 pm
RCZIain Moderator

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Collapsed jacking points. Rattling timing chain, when started from cold. Failing high pressure fuel pump.
They're pretty much an RCZ bingo full house (petrol anyway!)

My RCZ was also making an annoying chattering noise that I'm blaming on the dual mass flywheel. Relevant only if the R has one, I'm not sure.
Not a Peugeot anymore, after god knows how many years. I now drive a 2013 Toyota GT86, called Steven. It done gone sideways.

Post Wed Nov 07, 2018 8:27 pm
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As Ian has said, there are a few “common” issues, these also include coil packs & the odd sensor here & there, however,
I have had my GT 200 for nearly 5 years & it has been driven, let’s say, how a 200 bhp car should be. Now here is where I need to touch wood, so far, I haven’t suffered from any of the “common” faults and I know many other Z owners in the same position, so although it’s a good idea to bear these things in mind (you did ask), don’t be put off. The Z doesn’t seem to be any more or less reliable than almost any other car on the road.

Happy hunting :thumbup:
Mk 2 GT200 Moroccan Red

Post Wed Nov 07, 2018 8:49 pm
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There is one that’s just gone on EBay. Great colour, but maybe higher mileage than you are after..... ... SwqRlb4jt6
Mk 2 GT200 Moroccan Red

Post Tue Nov 13, 2018 12:38 am
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Pent up Kid....

This is a reply I posted a couple of weeks back to someone asking what to look out for on what model etc...

It isn't 100% reference to the R of which I own also, with the R being a MK2 it has the camchain issue sorted, though some say it's very important to keep the oil topped up, I can honestly say I have never put any oil in the R even after 3500 miles driving in Europe !! It is a superb engine - the best car I have owned - I too wanted a Cayman / Carrera but need quite a bit more than I had for a low mileage one, and most are now nudging 70k+.. I will leave Porsche for now and maybe get a 2012 / 14 Boxster when I'm done here. Anyway have a read of this and don't let it put you off...
I have had new brakes and discs up front and now have found better units at similar prices...


Cheers M.. :beer:

Hello Tracy and welcome to the forum !

That is a very loaded question and it has to be stated that any car from any brand can go wrong and do all have some issues from the outset.
What we can do here is try to show you the most common things to look out for when purchasing the lovely RCZ.

A little more info would have been good, do you want diesel or petrol, automatic or manual?

The MK1 petrol did have some teething problems mainly with timing chain and weak tensioner, this was quickly found and Peugeot did repair this issue under warranty several years ago. The MK2 hasn't seemed to suffer from the same problem, though out of the thousands sold an odd one has said had chain issue, but this could have been tensioner etc.
Other problems mechanical were issues with the coolant sensors - again these should have been fixed though some cars still have issues in this area, but they are reasonably easy fixes now.
The top model the R has had issues with the discs - again if a claim has been made whilst under Pugs warranty - these have been covered, again it was not all cars - just some of the R's.

Another fairly common thing to look out for is the high pressure fuel pump, this has varying lifespans !

Those are mechanical, but a problem which has been caused by the garages using incorrect lifting techniques, has resulted in the jacking points on some cars being bent over, hard to see from above, you have to get on your hands and knees, there is a tab that points down under the sills front and back, and it is this that sometimes gets bent from improper use as stated - this is not a fault of the car.

The most reliable by far with the least problems, is the diesel, it's engine is nearly bullet proof and it has good mpg too.

Have a good test drive and try a couple of different ones, there are plenty out there. If you can make sure you test drive the car from cold, if the dealer has warmed the car for you it could be to hide a noise or something from cold. Check the usual things and remember those jacking points, you might get some money knocked off or have them repaired before you buy. As with any car check all the functions if you can ie heating - hot and cold / a/c, try the spoiler see if it rises and falls as should, check clutch, you can give this a test and try set off in second, this could show a failing clutch. Check for any unusual noises and also check the dashboard for any warning messages. If you know someone with an OBD diagnostic kit , ask the seller if they mind you checking the car for faults, a good OBD reader will show any fault codes.
But mainly these are true for any car, so don't be put off by this list, I am just trying to be comprehensive with the checks. If you like it and it performs well without any issues, then they're probably aren't any, but if you are unsure - walk away, as said there is a good selection of secondhand Z's to choose from.
Sensibly and power wise, the GT200 is a good all rounder, but don't be put off by the marginally less powerful 156hp if you find one well specked and in good condition as you can quite easily get it uprated to very near the 200hp. The R is another story all together and if you can afford one and it's what you like, then go for it.
Options wise the Xenons seem to be the best one to go for, you can tell this if the car has headlight washers, then it will have Xenons as it is law for Xenons to have washers. Other packs are sports / black etc, but its what do you want, Sat-nav / JBL / leather heated seats ? it's upto you from here...

So, good luck with your shopping, it's one form of shopping that for some reason I don't mind LOL !!! :eusa-whistle:

Whatever one you buy, I am sure you will love it, it is the most sexiest car on the road in it's price bracket - end off !
:lol: Laugh and the whole world laughs with you.... or is that at you? :eusa-think:

Former owner of Dolphin Blue GT200 fully loaded inc. Quads / Xenons.
Now on second white* R
currently sporting an Avery
Roaring Thunder Gloss flip colour wrap.

Post Tue Nov 13, 2018 9:53 pm
Guppy Senior Member
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Hi p.u.k and welcome :thumbup:

I'm afraid I can't help much as regards to the 'R' ownership as i own a gorgeous Red 200bhp, I can recommend however that you visit and type in the search box... 'Peugeot rcz r for sale' this will return all of the online ads including eBay, saves a lot of time visiting multiple sites. Tip... keep the page open and refresh daily.

Happy hunting !
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