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Hello from a (Hopefully) soon to be RCZ owner

Introduce yourself to the forum here. What do you drive and what have you ordered?

agentfridge Newbie

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Hi all,

Been a huge lurker on this forum over the last few month soaking up as much information as I can!

I'm hopefully going to purchase a RCZ within the next couple of months

Still undecided between whether to go for a 200, HDI or if I go crazy (and kind find a decent one for a decent price an R!)

I'm massively limiting my market though as I really only want a Morocco Red one !

I'm sure I'll post on here nearer the time when I'm into "Purchase mode" but wanted to say hi before then!

I'm in Warwick btw



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I was welcomed by this great bunch long before I bought an RCZ. :dance:
It felt like I owned one long before I actually did, so immerse yourself in the RCZ world and enjoy the forum.
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:greetings-wavingblue: Welcome :text-welcomewave:

I can’t fault you on your desired colour choice, a very nice colour to get a beautiful deep shine.

If you get a 200, you will not be disappointed. The performance makes the car feel like it has far more BHP than it does, and it has plenty anyway.

As for the HDI, I don’t know of anyone who has one and has not been more than happy with it. The engine is certainly the more bulletproof of all the selections available, inevitably it has to be slightly less exiting than your other 2 options.

The R is in a league of its own, a racing car with a registration plate. Maintenance wise, the more expensive of the three you are considering, with e.g. brakes being on the pricy side, but this is outweighed by what the car gives you back.

I have a Moroccan Red GT 200 with all the “packs” fitted. I seriously could not be more satisfied with it. Having owned it nearly 5 years now, I still get excited every time I get to drive it.

When I got mine, the R had not been released. I knew it was on the way, but I also knew that as a brand new car it would be a bit out of my price range, so I bought the fastest Peugeot available at the time.

If your budget fits, buy an R, if you are after the best performance for your money, buy a 200, if you test an HDI and you are happy with its performance, get that.

Whichever car you buy, it will be smiles all round, and some very jealous friends :thumbup:
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agentfridge Newbie

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Thanks DK.

Yeah, I really need to get out and test drive a 200 and HDI over the next month.

I think the R is probably a pipe dream as it is prob about 3 or 4 grand over my budget!

I need to do my research on all the "Packs" ! I'll get digging on the forum as I'm sure its all here !

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Welcome to the forum.

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Hi and welcome

Dont Rush in and get the first one you see

It took me three months to find the right one

With the spec and colour etc.

Did travel 600 miles to see one put money down,but when I saw it no way was it like the pictures

When I did find My Grey Lady she was only one hour away..

So good look with your search

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Welcome Mike :beer:

Like yourself.... I was seriously considering the R, and again it was always over budget and considering it would costs an extra £150 pa to insure over the GT 200thp, plus an additional £150 compulsory contribution.... I decided to give it a miss and go for the Red Carbon 200, this model is an limited addition of just 300 world wide (only 45 with a 200bhp engine). You get the red stitching (same as the R) with this model and the xeron lights together with the 'Black Pack'. It is only available in Nerva Black and Moroccan Red. Diesel 163bhp. Petrol 156bhp and 200bhp.

You may find this link useful as it explains the different specs for each RCZ model and lots of other info: ... 0/history/

Good luck and keep us posted :thumbup:
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Well AgentFridge you wont be left out in the cold - get it LOL on this site, it's the best place for all your RCZ info and help.

I can't say anymore than what has been said before and concur with all that DKZ has said. My RCZ life started out with the GT200 and boy it ticked ALL the boxes for me, though now I do have the R I would be more than happy to have ANY model out of the RCZ stable.

Hope you do get your dream car whatever it may be and who knows if your up for it, you might wanna meet a few RCZ enthusiasts at one of the many meets throughout the year.

Good Luck M. :beer:
:lol: Laugh and the whole world laughs with you.... or is that at you? :eusa-think:

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agentfridge Newbie

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So I kick started my RCZ education this morning with a test drive in a 2014 GT200.

It was a good job it was in black as if it had been a red one I would have struggled to have not put down a deposit!!

Loved it all round. Hard to compare the power as not driven any other RCZ's but was impressed.

Next stop on the test drive tour is the HDi !

Don't need a second car until October/November time so I'm in no rush. Gives me time to do my research properly and hold out for the one I want.

Cheers for the advice so far!

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