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Tax inclusive prices and cost of P&P

Post Mon Mar 18, 2013 4:23 pm
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I just wondered if it would be possible to have the full price of items shown in your shop? I have recently placed a further two orders with you (annoyingly it should have been one order but I forgot an item so am now paying £8.00 for P&P) and have been caught out by your prices not including VAT. I have been a supporter of you and your excellent shop from the word go and I continue to lend you my support. However, I do think that some of the P&P priced are a little steep. £4.00 a time to send the registration LED bulbs and another £4.00 to send the rear brake light LEDs seems quite steep considering the lightweight nature of these packages! Perhaps it would be possible to reduce postage and packaging costs for such lightweight orders?

Anyway, just a couple of suggestions that I thought I'd offer based on my experiences. You continue to be my one stop shop for the RCZ and have always received excellent service from you. However, I felt it only fair to raise these minor quibbles. Keep up the good work!
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Post Tue Feb 11, 2014 9:14 pm
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Hello and sorry for the late reply ;)

As for the suggestions, much appreciated.

We did list prices without showing the VAT at first, but due to needing to track VAT costs for VAT returns it was necessary for us to change this so that all invoices show VAT. It is also needed for sales made outside the EU and B2B.

Godaddy also has restrictions on the shipping side of things, but we do mention on the main page of the shop that if you want to buy more than one item to let us know so that we can offer you combined shipping:

Shipping costs are for individual items. If you want to order multiple items we are able to offer a combined shipping discount. For combined shipping costs, please contact us for details prior to placing your order. Combined shipping costs will not be applied if you purchase without contacting us first.

For now we are using Godaddy and the problems we are facing are due to the fact it is a US based company and does not accommodate things outside of the US as easy.

My apologies.

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