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Front bumper parking sensors refitting

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Post Wed Jun 24, 2015 8:20 pm
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I'm hoping after spending a couple of hours going through all the related topic threads on parking sensors and bumpers someone can give me an idea or indication on a course of action that relates to a diy repair if possible so here goes.

Today at a motorway service station, whilst I was away from the car I suspect my car was hit on the front,,,not real visible damage to the bumper bodywork and I was on the phone as I started the car in the car park when I returned I didn't notice the bleep or the warning notice for the parking sensor,,,,finished my call and drove away. When I got home and then went to use the car again I saw the fault and heard the beep and went and found the two middle sensors have popped in from the bumper others it can't seem to reach them to pop them back for the question.

Do I seriously have to take the whole front of the car off to pop them back into place?? or is there a super easy way of doing it,,,,I don't mind a bit of graft to sort it but having read it all, I can't see a reply that covers the solution.

Any help please,,,I don't want to take it to the dealership unless I obviously have to.

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Someone did this to mine once and the sensor was damaged so they had to order a new one, which does involve the whole bumper coming off I'm afraid.
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Post Wed Jun 24, 2015 10:12 pm
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You'll need to remove the front bumper.
Happened to me, but in my case was a bird, not fast enough to avoid the car, poor thing. The grill next to it had some feather in it.
Basically, need to remove every screw holding the bumper in the engine bay, remove the tray under the engine, attached to the fumper too and some clips/screws in the wheel arch.
Once you can move the thing, some wires had to be desconected. Take notes, as can be a pain when putting all together.
One important thing, the white plastic bar, running all the way behind the bumper, I believe is what "tells" the airbags to deploy. Just need some confirmation from someone 100% sure.
All the process removing and putting all together took me no longer than 30 minutes. Far easier than putting one watercooled pc together.
Sounds complicated but it was fairly easy, just careful to don't scratch the thing, hahahaha.
Another note, in my case, one of the sides of the plastic holding the sensor was loose, so had to get suitable glue to stick the thing together.

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