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Help Required!!

Body panels, spoiler, wipers, mirrors and windows, feline pack etc

Post Wed Jan 14, 2015 12:07 pm
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Hi Guys,

:helpme: I'm new to this site and looking for some help if possible. :helpme:

I've had my Amber Red RCZ since 2011 when first registered. Some idiot has recently broken my passenger side wing mirror. The glass is still intact however the casing is just flapping about in the breeze. I've been my horror £390 for a replacement which still needs to be painted!

Can anyone recommend a place to purchase a wing mirror at a more reasonable cost? My mechanic had a suggestion which i'm unsure would work. He offered to strip down the full door panel to then get into the existing casing to attempt to jam the mirror steady :shock:

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.



Post Wed Jan 14, 2015 5:54 pm
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Just had a quick look on eBay and there are a couple of cars being broken.

Send them a message and ask for cost and delivery (if they are not near you).

One link
Tia2 is a 2013 RCZ Magnetic in Black with a 2litre diesel engine
Upgraded Peugeot sat-nav now has 7 digit postcode, safety alerts and updated maps
Other mods include door catch covers, rcz puddle lights, quad exhaust tips
Tia3 is a 2015 RCZ-R in Mercury Grey with a 1.6litre petrol engine, oh and 270 bhp
Other mods include door catch covers, rcz puddle lights
Both have dash cams front and back

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