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Accident damage to front panel

Body panels, spoiler, wipers, mirrors and windows, feline pack etc

Post Tue Oct 21, 2014 10:31 am
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A taxi yesterday reversed into my RCZ putting the black bumper and front panel (with Lion badge insert) out of shape. I'm hoping that local CCTV at the railway station will have covered the incident as the taxi driver is claiming I drove into him! That side of it is all in hand with Peugeot Accident Assistance requesting a download of the CCTV footage from the CCTV owner. The bumper will certainly need replacement as it is slightly fractured. The plastic front panel is most of the front of the car and is only slightly damaged. It will all be repaired by Peugeot and I'm wondering if they will replace the whole panel or fill it and respray it. Does anyone have an idea on what Peugeot generally do with minor damage to plastic panels?

I was very impressed with Peugeot Accident Assistance. You just phone them on the 0800 number and they take care of everything from reporting the accident to your insurance company and arranging car rental / courtesy car and repairs at your local Peugeot bodyshop. I guess they are happy to do all this as you get your car repaired at Peugeot rather than another bodyshop and they're also making a profit on the other cost elements.

Post Fri Oct 31, 2014 1:10 am
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Previous experience with insurance repairs would lead me to say they are likely to replace, rather than repair. Either way, you have the ultimate say as to whether you are happy with the result or not.
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