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Occasional connection fail

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Post Tue Jul 18, 2017 11:01 pm
Leeston Regular

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i have done a search for my problem first with no success.

Occasionally, and it is only occasional, my 2011 RCZ fails to connect to iphone or play music from the inserted usb stick, I am still able to use radio and cd player.

I tried reconnecting phone, and reinserting the stick to no avail, then after getting to destination I come back to vehicle and all is fine again.

Any thoughts



Post Wed Jul 19, 2017 9:05 am
RCZIain Moderator

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I've had this once in mine. Refused to play the usb stick. So we just listened to the radio for half an hour while we got to our destination.
2 hours later, got back to the car and lo and behold the usb worked. I've no idea, it hasn't happened since so I haven't worried.
Having owned 5 Peugeots, I'm used to odd things occurring.

Like the self fixing climate control in my 406.
Not a Peugeot anymore, after god knows how many years. I now drive a 2013 Toyota GT86, called Steven. It done gone sideways.

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