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Bonnet noise and heater stopped working

Leather, seats, dash, aircon, heaters & strange noises

Post Fri Mar 09, 2018 4:54 pm
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Problem 1:

After driving, switching off engine I hear this from the bonnet:

Sounds like an electrical charge or something...can anyone help with this please?

My car is always fully serviced, very well looked after and only has 11k miles!

Problem 2:

Now the heater no longer works - just blows cold air.
I was advised at my last servicing (October 2017) - that the ac gas needs refilling - is all this related?

If all related - shouldn’t have the service Center see this coming and advise me - my car was perfectly ok before the serving - now it’s one thing after another, don’t have the expense for this!

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Aircon re-gas is recommended every 2 years. Mine is nearly 5 & hasn’t been done yet. If it blows ice cold in hot weather it doesn’t need doing.

As for the heater, the aircon will not affect this, so even if a re-gas is necessary, it would not cause your problem.

If the fan is still blowing, but the air is cold, it could just be a thermostat issue, so no hot water is reaching the heater.
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