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Air vents not sealing completely

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Post Sat Oct 28, 2017 6:59 pm
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Hello everyone, 2011 thp200 MK1 here.

i have noticed that the airvents never completely close, ie, even when the aircon is closed, there is a very very light draft coming from them.

this is also evident when i turn the air-recycling to ON(when the AC is ON as well), to avoid getting outside air, but i still get SOME of the external smell in the car even if i have set it to recycling well before entering the area i want to avoid the "smell"

has anyone else encountered this?
1) is it typical not to have a perfect seal on the recycling/vents
2)is there a tendency for the seals to deteriorate so much over time? (my old audi was 4 years older and never had such an issue)
3) is there a chance that the "cut-off" foils within the system that close on recycling or AC non-usage, are reset in a sub-optimal position, ie: the ECU thinks they are closed, when they are just 95% closed?

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