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Know a garage that can safely jack in Derby or Northampton?

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I've just tried two places in Northampton to get my front replacement tyres fitted. One won't fit customer supplied tyres, the other wouldn't risk jacking car on flimsy jack point and their low profile jack wouldn't go far enough under car to reach strong structure.

Has anyone successfully had the front jacked in Derby or Northampton area and can recommend the garage?

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Ask a reputable garage to jack up on the wishbones (front) or the rear spring mounts for the rear.
Any garage worth their salt will be able to identify good jacking points on any car if the sill jacking points are questionable, as they are on the Z.

In my area (Swansea) many of the tyre fitter places that I visit are now aware of the RCZ sill problem, and will almost without thinking avoid the sills, but I usually mention it just in case.

If all else fails ask your dealer to swap your tyres, they will know about this problem for sure.
My local dealer will only use a four point lift when jacking an RCZ, and will not lift on the sills at all.
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The issue was that the low profile jack was low profile for long enough to get the Jack cup under the front far enough to reach a good structural part. Their recommendation was to find somewhere with either 4 point lift or the 2 point slider /lift you find on conventional ramps. I don't know of any local tyre place who has that kit, just jacks and simple ramps.

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