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Bent Jacking point fix ?? Help needed

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Post Sat Sep 06, 2014 10:35 am
Tat3trib Regular

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Hi there I know there's been extensive discussions around the jacking issues and I've read quite a bit of what's been said , I've discovered my offside point has been bent right in towards the skirt and dipped the under skirt in slightly but hasn't affected the skirt luckily , I've phoned the garage were I bought the car 5 wks ago and they are going to look at it , but as I don't know if it was done be the previous owner , a garage that's changed a tyre or done a mot or if it was the garage I bought the car from who has done the damage ,, the dealer might argue the toss in that case has anyone that's had this problem had it repaired privately what was the procedure ie heating point up bending back welding revealing or ?? What , and what was the cost ,, thanks in advance Alan. Bump

geoffm Newbie

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I have had all 4 jacking points bent by Robins and Day, they lifted the car on the jacking points and of course they just collapsed, they did take it up with Peugeot but as per usual Peugeot UK denied there was any problem and blamed the dealer :lol:

I took my car in last week to have 2 new rear tyres fitted and the fronts re balanced at a local respected tyre dealer, despite telling both the manager an the fitter DO NOT LIFT THE CAR USING THE JACK POINTS surprise surprise the fitter flattened both front jack points and split both skirts. My car is now in the body shop being repaired at a cost of over £1000, good enough the tyre dealer is paying the bill without argument. He is taking the issue up with Peugeot, I did wish him good luck :lol:

As you can see from the post on the forum it is a known problem which Peugeot just stick their corporate head in the sand and fob everyone off blaming everyone but the design.

Good luck and I hope you get it sorted properly, some repairers just hammer the jack point straight ageing, but it needs re welding and rust proofing.


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