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inc spare tyres & tyre pressure

Post Tue Jun 18, 2013 8:40 pm
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I have had my tyres changed a couple of times now using these jacking points and I am slightly fearful of going out to have a look...but I soon as I've finished my tea.
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Post Sun Jun 30, 2013 10:05 am
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I've mentioned this before on a similar thread, so sorry to repeat myself.

I use a trolley jack under the front wishbone/strut assembly (front lift) and the rear spring assembly (rear lift).
I have also used a trolley jack under the jacking points and still didn't have a problem, as long as it is sitting correctly.

Mine does have a sort of cut out on the surface of the lifting plate so that it can either sit under a jacking point groove or still be used on a flatter surface, like under a wishbone or spring assembly for instance.
I think most trolley jacks have a similar design lifting plate, so I cannot see how there's such a problem when using a trolley jack, even when used by a tyre fitter or garage. :eusa-think:

I have also used the scissor jack (came with the car) on the jacking points and again no issues. The only reason I swapped to a trolley jack was that it is quicker and more stable than a scissor jack.

Like I say if your not happy using the jacking points with a scissor jack, lift under the wishbone or the rear spring, with a trolley jack, or even a small bottle jack.

Quick question ;
I'm not sure if this makes a difference, but is the correct scissor jack being used for the car, is it the correct scissor jack & fit for the Z ?

Mine was supplied by the dealer when I purchased the car, it came as part of a package:
Scissor jack, wheel brace, full size alloy, spare nuts & caps.

I'm not sure if a scissor jack lifting plate ( point of contact) is as universal as trolley or bottle jack, if the point of contact is not exactly square to the cars jacking point it will not even out the load on lifting and perhaps could cause the issues mentioned. Just a thought :eusa-think:
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