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Loss of turbo - engine fault

Engine, gearbox, exhaust and other drivetrain issues

Post Sat Jan 20, 2018 11:05 am
Phr33ky Newbie

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Sanity wrote:
Using the remote, lock and unlock the car three times in a row.

Take the car for a kilometre drive.

Turn the car completely off and lock.

Unlock and start the car

HI Sanity

I also turned my 2010 RCZ 200GT on yesterday to the Engine Fault repair needed. My OBDII stated the P1030 code, and from the looks of it out it into limo mode / no turbo. Silly me thought deleting the code on the OBDII would reset it, but obviously it didn't.
I have tried the ECU reset method you explained, but didn't work for me.
Can I just clarify the method please.
Lock and unlock the car 3 times - whilst the engine is running or switched off? And is this from the key fob itself?
Once you drive 1km, simply turn off the engine, get out and lock. Then good to go?

I appreciate any help. I'm dreading attempting to sort this problem out. It's been one thing after the next these past 3 years with my RCZ.

Thanks again.


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