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Diesel Knock / rattle how much is normal

Engine, gearbox, exhaust and other drivetrain issues

Post Thu May 03, 2018 7:24 pm
Crazant Regular

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Cars done 42k and drives great etc but in reverse, 1st and 2nd if I change to early the diesel rattle/ knock is quite obvious, is this normal ?, is there anything I can do to lessen it or have I got something to worry about..

Hopefully it's fine but just need to ease my mind


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How did you get on with rejecting your car, is this another RCZ or the same?

Can't help with the knocking issue, if it bothers you to the extent then take it to a garage for re-assurance, unless you come to a meet or see another RCZ to compare.
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It's still the same car , still waiting for bank to say if they can do a charge back , in a way I want them to say they can't as I do like the car and want to crack on with it....the customer service at the garage has been shocking didn't even ring back with the info on the history but I'm a soft anxious bugger and can't deal with confrontation so having to take it back stresses me out but in a way I don't them to get away with it...
The other thing is I've had a look at other cars with similar mileage and there's not many about at what I paid so getting another might be a challenge...

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I get the same knock normally from 1st to 2nd gear it seems to be when I don't press the clutch fully. It is annoying.

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I have on of the first HDi produced still with original clutch and I don't have any issues with engine or drive train.
As with any diesel, you can drive it while wearing out the clutch only minimally, but it may be that a previous owner had a more demanding style of driving that was not so easy on the clutch.
Having said that, I do fully press the clutch pedal when changing gear as you should.
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