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Need help right away.

Engine, gearbox, exhaust and other drivetrain issues

Post Sat Mar 17, 2018 4:46 pm

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I'm new to this page but need your help asap.
We bought a 200 THP in November which we will have as a summer car. The car has a replacement engine due to valve problems and it was cheaper than buying a new cylinder head from Peugeot. But after a week I noticed something was wrong, jerky and sluggish under 3000 rpm. The workshop that changed the engine looked at the engine, switched spark plugs and thought it was okey because there were no fault codes. I Purchased OBD2 readers and found that at idle speed, it has a negative fuel trim of total 25% and no vacuum. Have been to two Peugeot workshops and told them that there is no vacuum, but none of them can find anything wrong because there are no fault codes.
When I start the car cold it has about:18 in Hg vacuum, and as long as I do not touch the accelerator it stays at 18. I can increase the rpm, but as soon as I release the accelerator the vacuum is gone = 1 in Hg vacuum and fluttering "this has been tested with an old-fashioned vacuum gauge". Right now, the car is at the car company that sold it and they will take it to Peugeot workshop number three on Monday for a new evaluation. Because I think it will be the same answer as the other two, I need your help. :helpme:
Have any of you tested your car with OBD2 reader or vacuum gauge and remember the values.
Warm engine at idle.
1 Intake vacuum
2 Timing advance
3 Fueltrims.

Or any of you know what's wrong.


Post Mon Mar 19, 2018 4:34 am
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Unless you are testing the car codes with pp2000, you are honestly only scratching the surface.
The pug system is very specific.

A slight stumble in the engine will cause an immediate reaction to the vacuum readings and the ecu could even be compensating giving false readings.,,,,,,,,,.. your problem could be as simple as one of the coil sticks breaking down at low rpm, one plug badly located or something more sinister like the valve train

Take some really good advice, get it on the pp2000 system somewhere.

Its probably something like a pipe fitted incorrectly.

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