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Timing Chain.......HOW MUCH!!!!

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Post Wed Jul 19, 2017 10:51 am

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Story so far
Purchased my RCZ two years ago from a Private Dealer. Currently with my local Dealer for service and MOT which will cost about £370. They advised me that the Timing Chain has stretched and needs to be replaced. The car has done 37k and is a 2010 GT THP 156 Model. They have quoted me £996 to do the work but advised that due to the age and mileage and having full service history they would contact Peugeot to see if they will cover the work under warranty as it is a known problem with this engine. They would need to strip it down to assess how much the chain has stretched which they have now done.
Peugeot came back stating they would only consider covering the work if the car was under 5 years old (why didn't the dealer know this?) and it was suggested that we try making a request for a goodwill gesture. So the dealer requested this but Peugeot won't entertain this request either.
I am now left with a car sitting in the dealers for over two weeks in pieces and a potential bill of £1300+
Anyone have similar experience or can give any advice? I have researched online and been quoted £500 from a mobile outfit. I have also phoned two other garages who have quoted £1500 and £820 for the same work.

Post Wed Jul 19, 2017 12:44 pm
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Contact Peugeot UK HQ yourself and explain that the dealership said that Peugeot would help towards the cost, don't mention that this has already been tried, that the car has full Peugeot service history and it's mileage.

024 7688 4000

At this point the worst they can say is no and you are in the same position.

The alternative is to strike a deal as parts I've been told are about £140 the rest is labour.

You might get a deal where the service is included!!!!

Let's us know how you get on.

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Post Wed Jul 19, 2017 7:41 pm
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You can try Citroen or Mini specialist, as the THP was used in few of their models.
I would avoid providing the parts and paying labour. If anything goes south, you break the chain of responsibility, and would be hard to say if the problem was the work performed or the parts were faulty.
And if you really need to pay the full price for it, try some franchise owned by Peugeot. Had the belt replaced for my DS3 (156THP) done under warranty by their branch in Letchworth.

Post Wed Jul 19, 2017 8:34 pm
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I had exactly the same issue with my Z with only 17K on the clock! You shouldn't be paying anymore than £600 parts and labour my local Peugeot dealership actually did my timing kit for less than that and it was done in the day different dealerships just pluck a figure out of their heads and double it! Rip off merchants :evil:
I've just had my wife's Mini Cooper S timing kit done at a mini specialist same engine as pugs genuine BMW parts inc labour and 2 year warranty £500 done in the day. My dealer is Peter Ambrose in castleford West Yorkshire worth a call if your local.
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