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Timing chain short life !

Engine, gearbox, exhaust and other drivetrain issues

Post Fri Aug 17, 2018 6:34 pm
wilsofar Regular

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The 156 I bought had a new timing chain tensioner etc etc just 15 months ago and 23k miles subsequently.

When the EML showed I assumed the last thing it would relate to would be that.


Main dealer said chain had 'stretched' causing mis-timing and would need replacing.(just over the 12 months guarantee)

I think the previous replacement was not the revised one which would have lasted much longer.

There had been an oil leak which was a precursor to chain problems so that in itself was a forewarning.

Previous owner had mentioned the oil leak but I didn't understand the warning signs!

Anyway after parting with a vast sum and having the car returned 3 times for continuing oil leak which was a result of their repair ,I now have a serviceable RCZ.

The only other time I have had chain problems was with a Peugeot 607 diesel which disintegrated at speed on the M5.

Other chain cars ,all Japanese of course ,have never given any bother!

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