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Anything about the RCZ that doesn't belong in the forums below including Service & warranty questions

Post Wed Jul 05, 2017 9:05 pm
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Post Wed Jul 05, 2017 9:13 pm
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Clattery engine noise - Timing chain/tensioner.
Search on the net. Not just an RCZ issue, the MINI gimps kicked off about it too.
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Post Thu Jul 06, 2017 2:48 pm
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Hi engine noise is definitely the timing chain/tensioner/guides which need replacing there are updated parts to replace the originals cost at dealers around £600 to sort so if you still have any warranty left don't get fobbed off and get them to pay either Peugeot or a specialist to replace.
As for the steering noise it coujd be tyres but could be steering rack or pump?
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