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Post Sat May 11, 2019 10:23 am
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While the cat's away ....
Madam and sis' are doing Italy, as I write, so I have moved on to the interrogation stage of the next car purchase.
And I have succumbed to the classy, not-too-plastic, interior of the X-Type Jag.

Germany is the place that has the only good selection of X-Type estates, so have narrowed it down to a choice of four diesel autos, whose snaps appear to show a "nice motor John!", and were amongst the last made.
I have contacted them, with a couple of simple queries.
Only two candidates have been provoked into a response, and one of those seems a little evasive.
So, the prime target and pole-sitter is the white one linked in an earlier post. ... ?cldtidx=8
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Vesti La Giubba!
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