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Dark side repeater swap

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Post Wed Sep 20, 2017 5:27 pm
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Hi fellow RCZers, just changed my clear side repeaters for some aftermarket dark ones,not a massive upgrade but those little details make all the difference!

A little advice to anyone thinking of doing the same mod. The original repeaters have really strong clips and are quite a pain to get out they are a complete unit with the bulb in place. The securing clips are centrally placed top and bottom so you need to place your removal tool central to the unit I unclipped the bottom first then the top, you have to put some real pressure on to prise the unit free a lot more than you would expect so best to use some plastic type removal tools some with fine ends cheaply found on eBay I wouldn't use a screwdriver you would probably mark the mirror stalk.
What I was surprised at was the mirror stalk brackets are made of alloy and mine looked well corroded so gave them a good coating of spray grease through the repeater aperture before fitting the new unit.
Hope this helps.

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