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Pugfest vs French Car Show

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Post Sun Jul 08, 2018 4:44 pm
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To any of you who have attended both of these events past or present....

If you were to visit just one of these events in the future? which one would you chose and why?
also; do you have to be present for both Satuarday and Sunday, or can you do just the one day?

Just looking for some feedback as I may attend one of these next year.

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Post Sun Jul 08, 2018 6:43 pm
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Having attended both events this year For the first time I probably would say the FCS would be my favourite due to there’s more to see and better facilities and closer for me to get to. Pugfest is in a field area where FCS is on the tarmac paddock.
There is a hill climb at pugfest where you can pay to run your car up and this is something to watch where at the FCS you can pay for track time around the famous Donington circuit.
At This years pugfest the RCZ parking seemed to be away from other groups and just took the shine off the day a bit.
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Post Sun Jul 08, 2018 9:14 pm
jr4070 Senior Member
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I attended the Peugeot festival again this year. I like the venue and the fellow Z heads that attend. It is closer for me and I enjoy using the potential of the R on the hill there. I only attended FCS once back in 2007, different location I think ( Rockingham speedway ), but I went with my 205 that had won the show and shine at Pugfest. It was not for me.. Sound system sound off's were the thing back then and it really did not work for me. I haven't attended any with a Z, this year's did look good, well attended and enjoyed by those that did go.. Maybe I will give it a go next year.... Track time at donnington does sound gooood.

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Post Tue Jul 10, 2018 4:03 pm
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I attended both for the first time this year and although it was fab to see 21+ Z's attend, we were put at the far side of the public parking and away from the stalls which were few. I did enjoy watching the hill climb and meeting fellow RCZ owners, but there wasn't much to see.
On the otherhand the FCS was obviously bigger with more to see / more stands / more cars*

* - not RCZ's even taking into account the spread of Z's on various stands, still only 15 attended, which in my honest opinion was poor.
Did have a great day especially since we were able to watch a rare event on the big screens - England thrash Sweden in the 1/4 finals !! yeah way to go....

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