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Meet up in Staffordshire (or Derbyshire)

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Up since 6am cleaning to beat the heat. Will be covered in bugs by the time i get to chatsworth


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Last early shout out for The Chatsworth gathering. Its not to late to join us.

Meet up at Chatsworth Garden Center

Calton Lees House,

meet time approx 1030

bring a camera

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Right o here we go Hope this appeals to all

Meet up at the Chatsworth Garden Center car park (postcode DE42NX) Arrival time 1030am 18th June 2017
Meet and greet and a coffee and chat (and cake of course)
If the great British weather is with us then after a chat drive further into Chatsworth estate for a photo session :thumbup: no rush on this bit if the weather is good as its a chance to get some great pictures. (Clean car a must) :lol:
Then time for a drive to Monsal Head, (slow drive via A6 approx 25 mins or quick route 16 mins :eusa-think:
Park up at Monsal Head opposite the Monsal Head Hotel, take a look at the view, more pictures and then if required take on food :beer: :beer: or coke :thumbup: a few nice places to eat or get a drink along the way. I like the look of the Crispin as its got a nice car park outside, a row of RCZ here would look cool

As I say I hope this appeals to all.

Be at the garden center for 1030 see who arrives or email me [email protected] then I can ensure we dont leave anyone behind.

Never really organized anything like this before but a chance to meet up chat and take pictures in a stunning location has to be a winner. :thumbup:

proposed route to take to Monsal Head after photo session in Chatsworth estate, can be made shorter if required.

Hope to see you at the Garden Center 1030 Sunday 18th
Sorry I couldn't do Fathers Day, had other arrangements made, hopefully a meet in the near future. Hope you all have a fantastic day together.


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Just a final note on the meet today Wow ty for a great day. It just seemed to fall into place.

Next meet for me is the 2nd July Pugfest and possibly the Ultimate Street Care show at Santapod in August

I may be in Whitby towards the end of the summer for a last dash getaway so if anyone wants to meet up let me know I will look to book something. I know Sammy is disappointed at not being there today.

Will post a subject on the events boards separately under Whitby gathering watch this space :greetings-wavingblue:


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