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Modified RCZ Owners Club at French Car Show!!

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neilgsxr69 wrote:
08shandw, I don’t know where your getting your information from but I can honestly say even after attending 4 annual Yorkshire meets I have only had one short conversation with Kerry regarding her car which was at this years meet, so I can say I really don’t know her as such, so whoever told you that is talking bull! I don’t even know anyone in the owners group other than a guy called Tony who organised a meet in Derbyshire last year so again close to the owners group I don’t think so!
It was you who posted on the forum stipulating your rules for your new club and now you have some of your members posting on here that you don’t have to have a modified Z or have to modify it in the future to be a member?
As I’m sure your aware I’m passionate about my Z and passionate about modifying my Z and if you’ve seen photos of my car I’m sure you’ll agree it’s one of the most distinct Z’s around. I follow owners from all over the world with the same passion, you shouldn’t let a disliking for one person spill over into the type of club your forming.
I will have a (long :lol:) walk over to enjoy your cars at the French car show because I’m an enthusiast, I doubt by your words you would do the same, shame. :cry:

Just a foot note for the anyone who reads this- I don’t mind if you have or don’t have an RCZ if your thinking of buying one or just will never be able to own one for whatever reason, wether you post or not as long as you enjoy the forum and are as enthusiastic about the RCZ then your all welcome :clap:

Well said Neil as you hinted at its about the passion for the car. :thumbup:

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I got removed and blocked from the modified RCZ group for no reason, I'm guessing because I didn't put a pic up, bit pathetic to be honest.

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GavBid30 wrote:
I got removed and blocked from the modified RCZ group for no reason, I'm guessing because I didn't put a pic up, bit pathetic to be honest.

I am sorry to hear you feel like that.

When you signed up you agreed to post a pic of your RCZ,for some reason after a month of being a member you decided not to.

All we require is one pic of your RCZ so you can introduce yourself to the group,feel like part of the team and get people talking and joining in conversations. Members RCZ picture also becomes the group profile pic as well each month.

If no one contributed or posted then we would all be looking at a blank page,no one is expected to contribute no more than one pic,what you do afterwards is up to you.

We have loads of requests a day but unfortunately most do not own an a RCZ and just want to look at pictures while others do not comment ,like or join in.

Quality over quantity is what we have always been about.

I don’t think that’s too much to ask for really.

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I got removed and blocked from the RCZ owners group for no reason and with no pryer conversation. I brought there merchandise and contributed to there fb group. I'm guessing because I joined modified rcz owners club....a bit pathetic to be honest.
I'd also like to add that the response ive had from modified rcz owners club has been fully welcoming and friendly. Its the place i feel more engaged too even the banter which i obviously contribute to. Ive also been to the fcs 2018 with a few members some of which I'd met before from the owners group. I wish for the modified rcz owner club to continue to grow and stay an elite club to all the RCZ owners that have a sence of humour.

and Yes im the s1 dolphin blue pictured in the sept/oct PFC Mag 2018


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